PAD003 What to call "it"?

Logo by Teija Hakala (c)

In the third episode of Pad Leaks (recorded over a year ago), Tiina Vaittinen discuss with Dr Christopher Chatterton. Chris is our colleague in the Pad Project, but also a coauthor in the International Continence Society (ICS) report on the terminology for “single‐use body worn absorbent incontinence products” that was published in Neurourology and Urodynamics in 2020. In this episode, we discuss with Chris, what this report was about, and what the term “single-use body worn absorbent incontinence products” refers to. We also discuss the power of stigma in talking about continence products, and how the stigma operates differently in different contexts – and different languages.

The episode was edited by Timo Uotinen.