PAD001 Why do we need a podcast on incontinence?

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Incontinence is a common health condition, but why don’t we know anything about it? In this first episode of the Pad Leaks podcast, researcher Tiina Vaittinen introduces the show and leaks the reasons for making it.

Music: (Cobwebbed; Clear Vision); Youtube Audio Library (Potato Deal). Sound effects: (Girl Pees in Toilet by Mike Koenig; Water Drops by Daniel Simon; Flushing the Toilet). Graphics: Teija Hakala.

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2 Replies to “PAD001 Why do we need a podcast on incontinence?”

  1. Hi Tiina, I have very much enjoyed listening to your first podcast. I think it comes across very well and you don’t need to apologise for your English pronunciation, it is excellent! You also say you are “just a social scientist” more than once…I don’t think you need to be too humble ?
    Best of luck with your project. It sounds fascinating. I am a pelvic health physiotherapist about to embark on a PhD to inform an intervention to encourage women to seek help sooner for early prolapse symptoms.

    1. Oh, thank you Clare for the encouragement! Just saw this and it really made my day. You’re right, I do probably bring forth my insecurities more than once, and maybe I shouldn’t, but threading carefully. Your PhD sound exciting and so superimportant! Drop me a line over email if you’d like to tell more about it on the podcast at some point, and let’s set up an interview? Thanks again! Tiina

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