PAD001 Why do we need a podcast on incontinence?

Logo by Teija Hakala (c)

Incontinence is a common health condition, but why don’t we know anything about it? In this first episode of the Pad Leaks podcast, researcher Tiina Vaittinen introduces the show and leaks the reasons for making it.

Music: (Cobwebbed; Clear Vision); Youtube Audio Library (Potato Deal). Sound effects: (Girl Pees in Toilet by Mike Koenig; Water Drops by Daniel Simon; Flushing the Toilet). Graphics: Teija Hakala.

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PAD001 Inkontinenssin ihmeellinen maailma

Podcast logo by Teija Hakala (c)

The first episode of Finland’s first incontinence related podcast. The English version of the padcast (with tailored contents for international audiences) coming soon. By Tiina Vaittinen

Musiikit – cobwebbed; clear vision; vision of the future. Ääniefektit – Girl Pees in the Toilet by Mike Koenig; Flushing the Toilet; Water Drops by Daniel Simon. Jakson kuva: IStock. Podcastin logon grafiikka: Teija Hakala.

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